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If you’re a coach, manager, leader, trainer, consultant or counsellor and would like to develop mastery in creating easeful yet energising conditions for individuals and groups to think well and achieve significant breakthroughs – then our certified Time to Think programmes with Linda Aspey may be just right for you.

Each course offers intensive, experiential learning that will make a profound impact on those you work with – and on you and your skills.

Learn more about the 10 Components of a Thinking Environment here




Thinking Partnership – 3 days (2+1)

22 & 23 April, plus 21 May  Or  1 & 2 October, plus 6 November 2015 – Aylesbury, Bucks.

Fee: £890 plus VAT.

The Thinking Partnership Course is an experiential course exploring the theory and exquisite practice of this unique way of working one to one.  You will learn how to help people to think independently, generatively and intelligently by providing the optimal conditions. It will take your listening and relationship building skills to new heights and is supremely useful for coaches, mentors, teachers, trainers, counsellors – in fact everyone who works in 1:1 development.

This Coaching for Leaders TP course uniquely provides you with 20.5 International Coach Federation (ICF) CCEUs. It’s also the pre-requisite to the Time to Think Coach qualification route.

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Time to Think Coach – 4 days (2+2)

Or 8 & 9 June plus 7 & 8 July 2015, Aylesbury

Fee: £1547

This programme is an advanced training course open to those who have completed a Thinking Partnership course.

Through it you can build and deepen your expertise in creating transformational conditions for your coaching clients.  Following the 4 days, you would undertake supervised practicum work over a maximum of 9 months (delivering coaching sessions, session notes, essays and participation in webinars) and then upon joining the Time to Think Collegiate you would become a fully qualified Time to Think Coach.

This programme from Coaching for Leaders is pending approval from the International Coach Federation – ICF – for 40 CCEUs.

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Time to Think Foundation – 2 days

2 & 3 February 2015 (Aylesbury) OR 6 & 7 May 2015 (London)

Fee: £490 Aylesbury, £560 London

This course explores the Ten Components of the Thinking Environment in a variety of group settings to bring out the very best in groups’ and teams’ problem-solving and creative abilities. With it you can create transformational meetings that are energizing, positive, focused, help people to break free from old ways that hinder, and enjoy the creativity and efficiency of a group that is in ‘flow’.

The Foundation course is the pre-requisite to the Time to Think Facilitator programme.

To book for Aylesbury visit Eventbrite here

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Time to Think Facilitator – 3 days (2+1)

19 & 20 June plus 23 July 2015, Aylesbury

Fee: £1350

If you want to develop mastery with groups, this is your next step. You will learn more about creating Thinking Environments with groups – large and small.  It also deepens your understanding of how difficult or challenging groups can be managed smoothly and effectively.

After the course you undertake some stimulating Practicum work, supervised by Linda Aspey. Then upon joining the Time to Think Collegiate, you would become a qualified Time to Think Facilitator.

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Thinking Partners’ Development Day

27 February Or 20 November 2015, Aylesbury

Fee: £197

This workshop is an opportunity to renew and deepen your Thinking Session skills through practice, demonstration and reflection, and to meet other TP practitioners. It is open to anyone who has completed a Thinking Partnership course.

To book for February visit Eventbrite here

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We welcome any questions about these courses including running them in house and on ways to make them financially accessible for students, charities and the low-waged. We also offer discounts for previous participants or multiple bookings. Just email or call.


Click here to download our  Terms and Conditions 


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