Time to Think Corporate Programmes

Would you like to create energising conditions for people and organisations to really flourish?


Are you keen to build a positive workplace culture that enhances creativity, clarity, communication, connection and trust?

And do you want to take your ability to be a really effective listener, manager, leader, coach, facilitator or trainer to new heights, helping individuals and groups to achieve significant breakthroughs?

Then our Time to Think training courses, programmes. consultancy and talks, grounded in the Thinking Environment™, might be just perfect for you. Why? Because the quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking that we do first. From good thinking we get good actions and good results. And for that you need the right environment for quality thinking.  When you have that you can see, feel and hear the difference; when the conditions are right, people, potential and performance soar.


Linda is supporting us to transform Gofal into a thinking organisation where we use the Thinking Environment in everything that we do. Building on the work that our Chair has done, who is also an accredited TE facilitator and coach, Linda facilitated a two day away day with our Board of Trustees and Senior team. Linda’s style, approach and expertise in creating Thinking Environments meant that the two days we had together were truly transformational, both in terms of relationship building and strengthening, and also setting clear and robust strategic goals. Linda is working with all of our managers over the coming months to truly embed TE throughout Gofal. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone looking for a great facilitator or to begin learning how to work with Thinking Environment.
March 2016: Ewan Hilton, CEO, Gofal www.gofal.org.uk

In House Programmes


Transforming Meetings (1 day)

If like many professionals, you spend between one and two thirds of your day in meetings you probably want to get the best from them. Yet for most, meetings just aren’t productive. They don’t get the best of everyone’s thinking and can result in frustration that everyone’s time has been wasted.

With some simple techniques, consistently applied, meetings can be transformed into highly productive and satisfying experiences. Where everyone plays a part, new ideas and solutions are generated, and meetings result in concrete decisions and actions that get followed through.

Sounds good? It is. This unique programme, over two half days or one full day, will show you how!


Time to Think Lunch & Learn (1.5 hours)

An interactive Bite Sized Learning event to introduce the principles of the Thinking Environment to your organisation.

Linda will facilitate a relaxed and interactive session in which you can personally experience the impact of the Thinking Environment in groups. From it you will appreciate that creating the right conditions promotes high quality thinking and decision-making, helps to build trusting bonds, unleashes creativity, and gets better and more sustainable results – and gets them faster.

Can also be done over breakfast, afternoon tea or after work!


Working with the Thinking Environment

Bespoke programmes and consultancy to develop insight and skill in creating a  Thinking Environment in your organisation, with colleagues, clients, business partners & more.

We’ve helped organisations to use the Thinking Environment in numerous different contexts : assessment centres, leadership and management development programmes, cultural change initiatives, staff conferences, offsites, innovation workshops, team building programmes and more. The only limitations are your imagination!


If you’d like to do a quick assessment of your current skill level in creating a Thinking Environment, visit Nancy Kline’s free online questionnaire here.



“The Time to Think Foundation with Linda is an excellent programme which allows you to practice, test and then build your competence in taking advantage of having a great Thinking Environment.  The techniques seem so simple at a glance, yet it takes real practice to master them.  There is huge gain to be had if you take the time to understand its power and relevance back in the work place as well as at home.  Linda makes the experience really engaging and the learning effortless.  I have come back to work and am adopting all of the practices and seeing real benefits as a result.”

Amanda Childs, Head of Business and Customer Excellence, Siemens Financial Services Ltd


If you would like to find out more about helping your organisation, its managers and / or its coaches to become skilled in creating and becoming a Thinking Environment,  please feel free to contact Linda Aspey for an informal discussion.

In House Certified Courses


Thinking Partnership

3 days (2+1) – suitable for 4- 6 people

An intensive, experiential course exploring the theory & exquisite practice of this unique 1:1 approach that helps people to generate independent, intelligent thinking.  There is time between days 2 and 3 for you to practise.

It will take your listening and relationship building skills to new heights and significantly enhance your ability to be truly present for others.

icf cce logo  This course from Coaching for Leaders uniquely carries 20.5 ICF CCE units so you can help your internal coaching staff and managers who are ICF accredited to gain significant CPD points.


Time to Think Foundation

2 days – suitable for 6-12 people

This experiential course focuses on creating Thinking Environments with groups and teams. You’ll learn how to help people to connect in new ways and to have truly productive meetings and gatherings of all kinds. You’ll leave with a raft of new insights and a suite of highly flexible tools to transform meetings.

Highly practical, the course offers you a versatile toolkit that you can use to build creativity, connection, trust, respect and productivity amongst members of groups and teams.  This way of working will make a profound impact on you and your colleagues or clients.

“Easily the most enjoyable and transformational course I’ve ever been on.” Richard Baker, Sales Manager, Siemens Energy Financing 


Advanced Professional Qualification Courses


Time to Think Coach

4 days (2+2) – suitable for 4 -6 people

An advanced level training & professional qualification (following on from the Thinking Partnership) focused on developing mastery as a coach to help your clients to reach new heights in their own thinking and becoming more courageous, creative, effective and fulfilled than they ever thought possible.

It involves supervised practicum work with Linda Aspey over 6 months and ongoing membership of the Time to Think Collegiate.


Time to Think Facilitator

3 days (2+1 OR 3 days intensive) – suitable for 4-6 people

Following on from the Foundation, this is an advanced level intensive training & professional qualification to enable you to teach groups and teams of all kinds to work better together through creating Thinking Environments. You’ll become skilled in weaving in the Components and exercises into any setting to make it flow productively. You’ll also qualify to deliver the unique 1 day “Transforming Meetings” programme, and have access to a suite of training support materials from Time to Think Ltd.

It involves supervised practicum work with Linda Aspey over 6 months and ongoing membership of the Time to Think Collegiate.