The Two Day Time to Think Foundation Course – Oxford, 12 & 13 November 2012

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With Time to Think Specialists Linda Aspey & Ruth McCarthy “The Thinking Environment® has a profound effect on the quality of people’s thinking; Linda Aspey and Ruth McCarthy are among the finest Thinking Environment experts in the world.”

Nancy Kline, Time to Think

Would you like to help people to transform the quality of their thinking & discussions?

Do you, like many people, spend most of your time at work in meetings, and yet sometimes find them unproductive and uninspiring? If so imagine that you – with simple yet profoundly impactful skills and tools that built upon your existing expertise – could transform meetings so that people come away feeling energised.

And what if, through applying these skills and tools, you could also deliver more engaging, more impactful presentations, could deal productively with conflict, and could bring out the best in people’s group problem-solving and creative abilities?

This is what you will gain through the Time to Think Foundation Course, grounded in the Thinking Environment, the unique and powerful framework for generative thinking developed by Nancy Kline of Time to ThinkThis quietly powerful way of being is supported by a growing body of neuropsychological research* that demonstrates how and why the quality of one or more person’s attention determines the quality of another’s thinking.  Attention is indeed an act of creation.

What is the Time to Think Foundation Course?
It is a two day intensive, experiential course exploring the theory and practice of the Ten Components of the Thinking Environment and its use in a variety of contexts. You will explore and use the four “Building Blocks” to generate thinking, facilitate groups, transform meetings, deliver winning presentations, and more.

During the course you will be learning from each other as well as from the two consultants. Working in pairs, small groups and the large group gives real depth and breadth to your development experience.

Who is this course for?
This is vital expertise and exceptional professional development for facilitators, coaches, mentors executives, managers, HR and OD professionals, consultants, leaders – all those who want to develop their capacity to create conditions where people’s thinking can flourish.
Course aims and objectives:
· To explore and experience the Ten Components of the Thinking Environment and its applications
·  To examine and practise the ways in which communication within a variety of contexts can be transformed into clear-thinking, invigorating, positive experiences
·  To enrich your interpersonal style by listening to ignite rather than listening to respond
·  To begin to introduce confidently the principles of the Thinking Environment into your life and your work with clients, colleagues, stakeholders, and others.
Comments from previous participants:
“Inspiring, thought-generating and energising.”
“I found the course so empowering!” 
“Among other things, this way of running a meeting seems both disciplined and democratic.”
“I feel more confident about my ability and ready to take more risks!”
And from a client who uses the Thinking Environment:
“In team meetings, I often talk too much and feel responsible for starting discussions when no one else will. Using the Thinking Environment gave me permission to keep quiet and encouraged everyone to speak, so unusually we heard from everyone and got more ideas on the table than I could have dreamt possible. We never knew we could be so creative and so open, fearless even. It also gave me the space to be more reflective and more impactful when I did speak. “
Course details
Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th November, 2012
10.00am -5.30pm
Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel, Henley Road, Sandford on Thames, Oxford OX4 4GX
A maximum of 12 participants.
£525 (+ VAT), inclusive of course manual, refreshments and buffet lunch on both days.
Optional overnight accommodation is available for an additional £115 (incl. breakfast and VAT).
About the Facilitators
Linda Aspey is a Fellow of BACP, a BACP accredited counsellor / psychotherapist, an APECS accredited executive coach, and has a Masters in Strategic HR Management.  As MD of two companies – Coaching for Leaders and Aspey Associates – she has 20+ years’ experience in organisation development and executive coaching. In 2009 Linda began training with Nancy Kline, qualifying as a Time to Think Coach, Facilitator and Consultant; all her work is now underpinned by the principles. She delivers Thinking Environment events across many sectors including media, travel, healthcare and charitable sectors. 



Ruth McCarthy’s career began in UK book publishing and journalism. She trained in the mid 1990’s as a coach, took a Masters in Critical Thinking in 2000 then qualified as a Time to Think Coach, Facilitator and Consultant.  From her  coaching consultancy Think it Through, ( Ruth delivers in-house Thinking Environment development days and leads Thinking Environment courses in London and Dublin. For the last three years Ruth has been working intensively with Nancy Kline, absorbing the cutting-edge ‘freshest thinking’ that is the hallmark of the Thinking Environment way of working and being.


To Book a Place on the Course:

Word Document: Please go to to download a Booking Form along with Terms and Conditions.

PDF version:

If you have any questions please contact us at

You can read more about the Thinking Environment here:

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