The Three Day Thinking Partnership Course in London, 17/18 April & 14 May, 2012

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Led by Time to Think Consultants and Coaches
Linda Aspey and Ruth McCarthy
“Thinking Partnership skill is profound in its effect on the quality of a leader’s thinking and performance.  Linda Aspey and Ruth McCarthy are among the finest Thinking Partnership experts in the world.”  Nancy Kline

Would you like to develop your ability to give attention so it is transformational?

The Thinking Environment is a unique and powerful framework for generative thinking developed by Nancy Kline of Time to Think. This simple yet profoundly impactful way of being is supported by a growing body of neuropsychological evidence that demonstrates how and why the quality of one person’s attention determines the quality of the other person’s thinking.  This level of attention goes beyond listening to reply until it becomes  listening that ignites the mind of the Thinker .                                          

What will you gain by developing Thinking Partnership expertise?

The Thinking Partnership is regarded by many as an essential coaching and mentoring skill; the training and application of it is also a unique personal development experience. This course equips you with skills that can have a transformative effect in many contexts – 1:1 development, day to day discussions, team meetings, leadership and management, client relationships, even your personal life.  Essentially it improves communication on all levels, leading to greater insight and better, more fulfilling outcomes.

Who is this course for?

Coaches, mentors, executives, managers, HR / OD professionals, consultants – all those who want to become skilled in creating ideal conditions where people’s thinking can flourish. The course is highly participatory and teaches this process in depth, with a maximum 4:1 participant / trainer ratio.

Course aims and objectives:

To explore all Ten Components of a Thinking Environment and their application to individual thinking
·        To enable you to experience valuable thinking time both as a Thinker and a Thinking Partner
·        To enrich your interpersonal style by learning how to listen to ignite rather than listening to respond
·        To enable you to acquire extensive skill in constructing Incisive Questions™

The Thinking Partnership Session model – why it works
Attention is an act of creation. The Thinking Partnership is the step-by-step process for liberating the human mind to think for itself with unprecedented clarity, originality and rigour. So the Thinker is free to generate a multitude of thoughts, ask their own questions, solve their own dilemmas, and identify and challenge their untrue assumptions. And with generative, clean input and precise questioning from the Thinking Partner, thinking can become clear, innovative, progressive and decisive. This is a creative partnership unlike any other: a “Thinker” and a “Thinking Partner”.
The course comes with a comprehensive training manual, certificate, and also provides the foundation to the many other Thinking Environment applications and courses (
Course Details
Dates:                  Tuesday 17th & Wednesday 18th April, and Monday 14th May 2012
Times:                  9.30am -5.00pm
Venue:                 The Milestone Hotel, I Kensington Court, London W8 5DL                  
Places:                 8 (2 groups of 4 participants with 1 consultant in each group)
Fee:                     £1,190 plus VAT (£1,428) inclusive of course manual, refreshments and buffet lunch

            10% EARLY BIRD BOOKING: before 24/2/2012 = £1,071, a saving of £119

How do I book?
Contact Ruth McCarthy on 07776 242005 or email to check that a place is still available.
You can download the flyer here Course flyer
The booking form from here Booking form April/May 2012
Terms and Conditions from here Terms and Conditions
Time to Think Consultants and Coaches Linda Aspey and Ruth McCarthy
This course is a unique opportunity to learn with two experienced consultants specialising in the Thinking Environment. Each group of 4 participants will be led by one of the consultants, with both groups meeting for planning and debriefing at the start and end of each of the three days.

In this way, participants can benefit from both the safe and experiential environment created with their own small group and from the shared experience of learning with and from the other group. Places to each group will be allocated randomly, to allow for a beneficial mix of participants, and in line with our philosophy that we are all equal as thinkers.
Linda Aspey is a Fellow of BACP, a BACP accredited counsellor/psychotherapist, an APECS accredited executive coach with 20+ years’ experience in counselling and HR / OD consultancy (MA in Strategic HRM), and over 6,500 hours of executive coaching practice. In 2009 Linda began intensive training in the truly client-centred Thinking Environment with Nancy Kline, culminating in Consultant level qualification, and now all her client work with individuals, teams and organisations is underpinned by TE principles. For more visit


Ruth McCarthy’s career began in UK book publishing and journalism. She trained in the mid ‘90s as a coach, took a Masters in Critical Thinking in 2000 then qualified as a Time to Think Coach, Facilitator and Consultant.She delivers inhouse TE development days and leads Thinking Environment courses in London and Dublin. For the last three years Ruth has been working intensively with Nancy Kline, shadowing courses and absorbing the cutting-edge ‘freshest thinking’ that is the hallmark of the Thinking Environment way of working and being. For more visit
What is Coaching for Leaders?
Coaching for Leaders is a company dedicated to pursuing excellence in leadership coaching, coaching skills development, and coaching supervision.Established in 2006, it is a sister company to Aspey Associates.

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