Professional Supervision

What is supervision?

Supervision is a 1:1 or group discussion,  on a regular, contracted basis, that supports good practice in those who work with relationships, enriching people both professionally and personally, for the benefit of both the supervisee and their clients. It is a reflective process with elements of coaching, teaching, and maintenance of professional standards.

Qualified in integrative supervision of groups and individuals, Linda Aspey’s aim as a supervisor is to build with you a relationship in which you feel supported and secure enough to fully explore your work and stretch your skills, without fear that you are being judged, dictated to, patronised or smothered!


Here is how Linda describes it:

“Most particularly, I provide you with a Thinking Environment. This is an easeful place and space where you can think for yourself. Where you are equal to me as a thinker, and where you can seek input when you want it, not I think you do. Where if I challenge, I do so with the specific intention of encouraging your fresh thinking, not to impose mine. Where I ask a question because I am interested in what you think, not to make a point. Where I will not interrupt unless I am really sure that what I am about to say is going to be better than what you are about to think. And of course I don’t know what you are about to think, so I will give you time to come to finish what you are saying. In so doing we will create great conditions for your independent thinking.”

Together we can create an alliance that will help you to develop and consolidate your practice and grow your capability, skills, presence and confidence. 

To read more about my Thinking Environment approach  visit my post “Coaching Supervision – Who is the Expert in the Room?”

Linda offers:

  • 1:1 telephone or Skype / Zoom meetings during the day and evening
  • 1:1, face to face supervision in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
  • On site group supervision for internal practitioners based in Greater London or Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire
  • Session frequency to meet your needs – fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, or ad hoc
  • Supervision on any aspect of your work in developing individuals, teams and organisations.


And supervision for all kinds of practitioners, such as those who are:

  • new to this work, or seasoned practitioners
  • a coach, therapist, OD or L&D practitioner, consultant, mentor, facilitator, or supervisor
  • applying for accreditation with any of the professional coaching or therapy bodies
  • Time to Think practitioners at any stage of their Thinking Environment journey.

What clients say:

Thank you Linda for the two years we’ve had together. It requires real skill and open-heartedness to do this work and you have it in spades. Thank you.” S: Internal coach, professional services firm (monthly small group supervision).

“Working with you is and has been everything I could have asked for in a supervisor. Non-judgemental, fear and shame free, and supportive yet thought-provoking, stretching, and energising. I have grown so much as a practitioner.”  JK: Independent coach (monthly 1:1 supervision)

“We all learnt a great deal during the 2 years in which Linda was our supervisor. For me the key elements that struck me most and have stayed with me are the emphasis on equality. The sessions had a spaciousness where everyone was given a chance to speak, and be listened to, without interruption or judgement. Even though most of us are already steeped in the  Rogerian stance of unconditional positive regard, this approach took it to a new level. It was amazing for example, when discussing a tricky issue where I felt unresourceful and stuck, how, given a couple of questions, quality attention and space, I could access what I already had in my head, or generate completely new thoughts. So many new insights and deeper reflections emerged from those periods of time.   

The approach reinforced the importance of allowing others’ innate knowledge and capacity to emerge. Working in this way fostered a new level of shared understanding, empathy and equality amongst us.  Sometimes in group supervision, the default mode is to defer to the supervisors for their expertise. Linda worked with us in a way that held her authority with a light touch, very much an embodiment of this way of working. We never felt judged, rather encouraged and treated as equal thinking partners.” D, internal coach, professional services firm (monthly small group supervision)

If you would like to find out more about coaching supervision with Linda, contact her at and you can download an information sheet here