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If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

Can you think of any organisation that doesn't need people to work well together? We can't!

And yet working at how people work together is often way down the list of priorities – perhaps it’s assumed that people will just get on, or that they haven’t the time or energy to think about how they’re working together, or that if it’s working (or appears to be), don’t rock the boat.  And if it’s not, it’s sometimes easier to hope it will resolve itself than it is to address it.

The pressure to work well in teams is huge and yet time is precious.  Years ago, we’d join a company and be there for most of our working life. That gave everyone time to learn how to work together.  Today we don’t have that luxury – we’ve got to do it faster and better. And often across hierarchies and matrixed organisations where the dynamics are constantly shifting.  

We offer a number of proven solutions that get people working better together:

Team coaching: Combining coaching, facilitation, action learning and interpersonal relationship development; and the outputs from this rich mix therefore benefit not just the team but the wider organisation for sustained organisational success.

Facilitation: For energising, highly productive team meetings, offsites, and conferences.

Team development: Team building events to develop and sustain trusting bonds that enable people to work well together.

We help people to remove blocks to individual and team success so that together they deliver and thrive.

“We were going through unprecedented change and as a senior team mixed of older and newer members, different personalities, views and nationalities it was fraught with challenges. Through working as a team with Linda we gained much more clarity and yet oddly learned to be more comfortable with uncertainty. We had conversations I never thought possible and gained genuine respect for each other. And I certainly learned a lot about me as a leader!”  

Senior Director, international business

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