Organisation Development

Are you building the best organisation you can where people give their very best and produce the very best results because they feel a deep commitment?

What is Organisation Development?

.It’s a set of ideas and practices that improve how an organization functions so that it thrives.

To do that we need to encourage and draw on people’s thinking.

Organisational thinking is a compound of individual thinking so if we can draw upon many perspectives, we’re much more likely to be able to identify how best to help the organisation to improve.  


Would you like to improve your organisation and develop a workforce that has the skills to leave but the heart that chooses to stay?

We can work alongside you to:

Dev a Thinking Org 6a


Every situation is different so we draw on whatever is useful for the context and the challenges before we offer solutions.

Just contact us for a confidential discussion about what difference we can help you to make.

“Linda provided excellent HR expertise and advice during a significant period of change of about six months, facilitating sessions with senior leadership teams, designing assessment centres and embedding RACI – a new process for News International.  She has the rare ability to fit into the company culture seamlessly and became “one of the team” instantly as well as getting the respect and confidence of the senior stakeholders. Her extensive experience in a range of companies ensured her advice was both pragmatic and commercial without HR jargon.”
Helen Micklethwait, Former HR Director of News International (now News UK)

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