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2nd November 2018 – Transforming Teams – A Coaching at Work Magazine Masterclass with Linda Aspey

10am – 5pm at the British Psychological Society in London – details here Transforming Teams Masterclass










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  Linda was invited to write a chapter on using the Thinking Environment in Executive Coaching for Nash Popovic and Debra Jinks’s book: ‘”Personal Consultancy”



Dan Pink’s Drive – A must -read for anyone interested in motivation. And here is the video to go with it: https://youtu.be/avnHUxSVfVM



Dennis Tourish’s fascinating book about the dangers of  hubris in leadership. Ignore at your peril!

Here he is on video speaking on Dysfunctional Leadership https://youtu.be/I9O5r-_2V0s


PARN (Professional Associations Research Network) interviewed Linda in June 2015 about coaching, boundaries and supervision: http://blog.parnglobal.com/2015/06/professional-executive-coaching-red-lines-supervision/


Coaching at Work  magazine featured “Time to Think”  in the  “Road Test” section, written by Linda as the coach & Michelle Lucas as the client. Volume 9, Issue 2 (March 2014) Road Test Coaching at Work – L Aspey


Two articles published in the AICTP Journal in Summer and Autumn 2012 on the power of coaching without bombarding clients with questions. These were aimed at coaches and coach-therapists who combine the disciplines of coaching and therapy; we think they’re relevant to anyone who uses coaching skills:


Linda interviewed Nancy Kline to discuss amongst other things, the growth in integrating coaching and therapy. Interview with Nancy Kline for the May 2013 AICTP E-Journal


In the ongoing search for ways to help leaders and managers to initiate and manage change, some may feel that there is little that is new out there. But just once in a while, something comes along that has the potential to reshape the way we think and how we work as development professionals – read Linda’s article in “Developing Leaders” October 2011: Time for a Rethink – New Pathways for Executive Development – Linda Aspey

Linda was featured in Coaching at Work in July 2011 – click below to read Liz Hall’s interview with her. Profile of Linda Aspey Coaching at Work Mag July 2011


The Art of Coaching

Linda was invited to write four columns for Therapy Today, the journal of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy when she founded and chaired the Coaching Division of BACP. Click on the titles below to read in full.

  • The art of coaching – Building Trust –  Many coaches love coaching but hate finding clients: “I could never be a pushy salesman – I just don’t have the gift of the gab”. I don’t think you have to be pushy to be successful in sales; in fact some of the best salespeople I know have more in common with coaches than they have with Arthur Daley….



  • The art of coaching – Thinking Environment –  This has made a significant impact in the world of coaching, and is being utilised increasingly in therapy too. Linda explores what giving sustained and seamless Attention, along with other conditions, seems to do to ignite the human mind and liberate new thinking.


  • The art of coaching – Seeing the Potential   Trained coaches bring a wide range of knowledge, experience, skills and tools to their coaching clients. In this article Linda shares her views on what therapists too can bring to this valuable work.