Talent Dynamics

Effortless, Productive and Fulfilled

You know when you’re just feeling really good about what you’re doing in a given moment? When you’re feeling productive and fulfilled, doing what gives you energy yet feels effortless. Even enjoying it so much that you’d probably do it for free if you didn’t have bills to pay. You may even be doing stuff that others find hard to do – yet for you it just comes naturally. And you do it well. Really well.

It’s just your Talents being fully used. That’s Flow. The path of least resistance. And when you know what you need to do to be more in Flow, you can help others to do the same. And when teams, departments and whole organizations are in this state, they too become more effortless, productive and fulfilled. Performing in a way and to a standard that sets new personal, team and organizational bests.

What is Talent Dynamics?

Talent Dynamics is a new and different profiling tool and business development pathway that can be used to measure Talent and Flow over five levels: through each individual, each department and team, the division, the corporation and, finally, through customers, clients and stakeholder.

It then delivers the tools for each of the five levels to help you to improve Flow within communications, resources and of course, profitability.

Developing a strong identity, building an inherent sense of responsibility, and generating more trust all leads to sustainability. With Talent Dynamics, each of these are measurable and controllable elements within the enterprise.

Why Talent Dynamics works

Being in Flow means not only performing the role you are naturally talented at but also enabling it for each one of your colleagues.

By understanding the value that you each create, you can powerfully leverage this as a team, breaking through the barriers to new heights. Naturally you’ll also be able to identify and understand areas that can challenge individuals, cause tensions in relationships and reduce productivity, and learn how to address these and get back into Flow. Trust, communication and performance will then accelerate in a way you never thought possible.

And these are not just words – we have numerous case studies that attest to the impact on the bottom line. Click here to read about a day with Talent Dynamics for the team at Ceres PR.

“Talent Dynamics” sessions with my team have been a brilliant way to identify individual and group strengths and weaknesses, promote greater understanding amongst team members and build morale. It’s also an unbeatable way to find unexpected and exciting solutions to long-standing business challenges and develop new business strategies”.

Sarah Thornton, VP Lifestyle & Entertainment, Discovery Networks International


What’s Involved?

It takes just 5-10 minutes to complete an individual profile online. Then with a qualified Talent Dynamics Consultant you’ll go through the results. You can do this individually or with your team to understand more about yourself and each other, and how you can get things done in a way that increases Flow. For teams we can map out the profiles and see where each person’s talents lie, and take a fresh look at the internal and external factors that impact on performance. And very practically, we’ll agree some very specific things you can do to improve personal and team Flow.

Everyone will begin to see where they add value and where they can leverage it more. Everyone will be able to identify which areas are least in Flow and develop a plan to address them in turn, for this team and for leaders, the wider organization.