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Coaching or Mentoring? 6 Tips for Making Coaching Work for You

July 15, 2015 Linda Aspey No Comments

Here is my latest blog post, written on LinkedIn Pulse: So what is Coaching? Professional leadership or executive coaches help you to grow your self-knowledge, your strengths, your capacity to take on responsibility and your ability to manage change. And through those, you become stronger, more effective, more fulfilled, more aware of others, and more […]


Coaching Young Entrepreneurs

March 24, 2015 Linda Aspey No Comments

Calling Executive Coaches in London! Are you interested in donating 12 hours of your time over a year to coach some of the UK’s brightest entrepreneurs? I am now recruiting more coaches for the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, based in London, starting September 2016. NEF’s mission is to provide the UK’s leading entrepreneurial training programme to […]


10 Ways to Develop your Personal Presence

November 23, 2014 Linda Aspey No Comments

Ever met someone who has the ability to light up a room, to command attention, to convey gravitas, and make people want to talk with or listen to them? People with presence and charisma- tend to be better at influencing, at forming relationships, at being remembered – all critical components of personal and business success. […]


Five Big Gains for Coaches From Supervision

November 12, 2014 Linda Aspey No Comments

  I am often asked what coaches can really gain from supervision. Those who haven’t experienced it may have heard that it’s important for “good coaching practice”, yet are unsure about what they will personally get from supervision. The outcomes vary of course according to what the coach wants and brings and what we agree to work […]


* 30 Practical Ways to Develop as a Leader

October 13, 2014 Linda Aspey 2 Comments

For most people, being a leader doesn’t happen overnight, even if they’re given the title overnight. It’s often more a case of becoming one, working at it and gaining more experience, whether this is in leading ideas, strategies,  people or whole businesses – or all 4 and more. Here are just some ideas; some are high […]


* Inspirational Induction

July 9, 2014 Linda Aspey No Comments

6 Coaching Principles for Inspirational Employee Induction I often work with clients who are transitioning into a new organisation. When I ask about their induction, for many it’s a blur – even if it was only a few days before: lots to take in, very little time to think, and widely varying quality of presentations. […]


* Time to Think training courses 2015

April 7, 2014 Linda Aspey No Comments

  If you’re a coach, manager, leader, trainer, consultant or counsellor and would like to develop mastery in creating easeful yet energising conditions for individuals and groups to think well and achieve significant breakthroughs – then our certified Time to Think programmes with Linda Aspey may be just right for you. Each course offers intensive, experiential […]


* Executive Coaches (voluntary) for New Entrepreneurs Foundation

March 17, 2014 Linda Aspey No Comments

NEF’s mission is to provide the UK’s leading entrepreneurial training programme to fast-track young, talented, aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. In addition to a paid work placement, intensive learning programmes, networking with industry leaders and provision of mentors, NEF (a registered charity) offers each person a seasoned, qualified Executive Coach.  If you are […]


* Tips for Productive Teleconferencing

February 23, 2014 Linda Aspey No Comments

In recent years, teleconferencing has risen in popularity, and no wonder. Why spend hours (and money) travelling when you can be in your own workplace – which may also be home – with everything you need to hand?  Naturally there are some meetings that have to be face to face, but as we’re getting more accustomed to […]


* No time to take time to think?

October 18, 2013 Coaching For Leaders No Comments

I was invited last night to host a conversation at the inaugural ‘Idea’s Exchange’ in Sheffield which was organised and run by the amazing team at IdeaSmiths. The Exchange is a quarterly series of conversational events to explore, share and challenge ideas about organisational learning, innovation and change. The conversation I hosted was on based […]