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January 26, 2017 Linda Aspey No Comments

Realms of Attention

Today’s leaders face so many challenges, including finding enough time for thinking, and staying attentive to and informed about the world outside of their own lives and organisations.

The world is changing, the future likely to be a very different one from now, and many leaders want to engage in conversations with people who come from different contexts and who hold diverse views to their own so they do not become blinkered to other realities. And they need to develop the capacity to think with both sides of their brains.

Iain McGilchrist, the acclaimed Lecturer, Psychiatrist, Philosopher, and Author of “The Master & His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World” will be exchanging his ideas with us a unique residential event on 23 & 24 May, 2017 in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. 

Our brains are not mere machines but an inseparable aspect of our whole selves AND of the culture in which we have taken a part in creating because of the way our brain hemispheres attend to the world.

The differences in our two brain hemispheres are responsible for moulding the world in which we now live. However, in modern times the left hemisphere has become dominant in organisations and decisions with often devastating impact.

So why is this important for leaders?

Well we look to leaders to lead on creating culture. We look to them to question, explore, and innovate so we can do the same. And if a leader is living in a bubble, or seeing the world through only one side of their brain, they won’t be able to do that. They will shape according to the world they see, but they are only seeing it through their eyes. So, it’s only partly real.


 The Thinking Environment

Created by Nancy Kline of Time to Think, the Thinking Environment® comprises of ten “Components” which add value and quality to thinking in discussions of all kinds with groups of all sizes. We have found that many of Iain’s ideas and philosophies resonate deeply with those of the Thinking Environment.

And so, in a unique first …

We’ll bring both sets of powerful ideas together in this special programme. Participants will be able to engage in fascinating and stimulating discussions, whilst learning about and drawing on the Thinking Environment for balanced brain thinking! And for those who already use the Thinking Environment, it will deepen your skills and your understanding and appreciation of this generative, generous way of being with others.

Facilitated by Linda Aspey and Time to Think colleagues, this will be an experience, not a conference.

Save the date 23/24 May 2017

For full details including how to book click here:

Realms of Attention with Iain McGilchrist 23 & 24 May 2017 – Leadership Flyer



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