Feedback on our work

On our Time to Think Courses


“Having read Nancy Kline’s books, I felt I had a pretty solid grasp of the Time to Think approach and I wondered what more, if anything, I’d learn on the Foundation Course. The course however was a real eye-opener, and reminded me that understanding something rationally is a long way distant from experiencing, feeling, and understanding something in the moment. The course was excellent from beginning to end, in both design and delivery. We had a great group and a world class facilitator. It took my appreciation of the power and humanity of this way of working to a completely different level and as I left the course bound for my everyday world I left with a wonderful feeling of hope, optimism and excitement.”

Richard Brown, Minds Wide Open

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Easily the most enjoyable and transformational course I’ve ever been on.”

Richard Baker, Head of NOW (UK) at Zumtobel Group

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“After reading Nancy Kline’s book ‘Time to Think’, I was inspired to take this (Foundation) course.  So much so, that I decided to fly from Canada to take it. Needless to say, I had high hopes and expectations….and they were not disappointed.  Linda delivered an amazing program and brought the 10 Components to LIFE.  It was truly an inspiring and clarifying experience to have taken this course.  And that was a direct result of Linda’s skill and experience as a Time to Think practitioner.  She connected all the dots and helped answer the practical questions of how to integrate this into our professional and personal lives.  It was super.  Don’t hesitate.  Sign up today”.

Paul, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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“If you are looking for a course that cements your Thinking Environment knowledge and gives you a practical toolkit for application then look no further then Linda Aspey’s Time to Think Facilitators’ Course.   Linda is effortlessly brilliant in her teaching and brings fun, passion and creativity to the course leaving you wanting more. Linda’s stories and anecdotes from her wealth of experience bring credibility and wisdom to your learning and thus provide the platform for a fantastic learning journey. Sign up now – you won’t be disappointed and it will also transform you as an individual”.

Ewa Boxall, Head of Learning & Development, Weetabix

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I have worked extensively with Linda, through my Foundation, Facilitator and also the Coaching programme of the Thinking Environment.  Linda epitomizes the Thinking Environment and creates a perfect space to develop these skills. I’ve learned so much from Linda who I’ve found inspirational in working with Thinking Environment techniques. Her warmth, support with Practicum work and absolute dedication for me to succeed leads me to recommend her to anyone considering learning more about Thinking Environment and for whom a tranquil learning space in Buckinghamshire appeals.”

Ellen Peters, Development Facilitator and Coach, John Lewis Partnership.

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“I would highly recommend this course if you would like to learn more about and have the opportunity to experience various elements of a Thinking Environment. I appreciated how naturally Linda brought together and embodied the 10 Components of a Thinking Environment throughout the whole course. As participants we then found it safe to offer each other attention, equality, ease, appreciation, encouragement, feelings, information and diversity, creating a wonderfully respectful and productive environment in which to experiment and learn.   Thank you Linda for making this happen!”

Preeta Cooley, De Novo Performance Ltd


“The Foundation Course was a revelation to me.  Seeing the Thinking Environment come to life over two days, demonstrated to me the power of the ten Components.  Linda’s careful construction of the course content and delivery were evident and gave me a perfect balance of teaching and practice.”

Becca Timmins, Emery Little 

On our In House Programmes


“Linda is supporting us to transform Gofal into a thinking organisation where we use the Thinking Environment in everything that we do. Linda facilitated a two day away day with our Board of Trustees and Senior team. Linda’s style, approach and expertise in creating Thinking Environments meant that the two days we had together were truly transformational, both in terms of relationship building and strengthening, and also setting clear and robust strategic goals. Linda is working with all of our managers over the coming months to truly embed TE throughout Gofal. I would highly recommend Linda to anyone looking for a great facilitator or to begin learning how to work with Thinking Environment.”

Ewan Hilton. CEO, Gofal

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“A great day with colleagues using the Thinking Environment to achieve excellence – thanks Linda”.

Dr Fu-Meng Khaw – Centre Director at Public Health England East Midlands

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“An excellent programme which allows you to practice, test and then build your competence in taking advantage of having a great thinking environment.  The techniques seem so simple at a glance, yet it takes real practice to master them.  There is huge gain to be had if you take the time to understand its power and relevance back in the work place as well as at home.  Linda makes the experience really engaging and effortless learning.  Have come back to work and am adopting all of the practices and seeing real benefits as a result.”

Amanda Childs – Director Customer & Business Excellence, Siemens Financial Services


On our Coaching and Consultancy


“Linda is an exceptional business partner to work with. Linda takes time to really analyse the business changes required and she is creative and ambitious in her recommended programmes. Linda’s advice is thought provoking since she looks at business issues holistically, she breaks down complex problems into pragmatic recommendations. In her delivery she is also exceptional and really impacts behavioural change in her audiences by tapping into what is holding people back from change. I highly recommend Linda.”

Karen Caddick. Group HR Director, Saga plc

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“Linda is everything you would want from a coach: insightful, trustworthy, extremely approachable and with an incredible knack of helping you unleash your personal best. Working with her is both deeply rewarding and enormous fun”

Christopher Bazley, SVP Sales Excellence, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, Antenna International