Coaching or Mentoring? 6 Tips for Making Coaching Work for You

July 15, 2015 Linda Aspey No Comments

Here is my latest blog post, written on LinkedIn Pulse:

So what is Coaching?

Professional leadership or executive coaches help you to grow your self-knowledge, your strengths, your capacity to take on responsibility and your ability to manage change. And through those, you become stronger, more effective, more fulfilled, more aware of others, and more successful as leader.  Come rain or shine, through good and bad, your coach is there to support, stretch and encourage you. It is a partnership of equals, helping you to think – in confidence – about what motivates you, how you can get in your own way sometimes, how to be a leader that others positively want to work with and follow, and how to overcome any obstacles to growth.

How is it different from Mentoring?

There are many similarities and the terms are often used interchangeably; both are based on a relationship with one person supporting another to develop and grow. There are some mentors and coaches who don’t draw any distinction at all. So the following is based on my observations and experience, as someone who runs a large executive coaching pool that works alongside a large pool of mentors:

  • Mentors are more likely to have been in your shoes, coaches are more likely to help you to think about what shoes you want to wear and how you can wear them with style!
  • Coaches are generally trained in psychology, change management and relationships, whilst mentors are generally trained and/or experienced in a particular business sector, industry or profession.
  • In coaching the emphasis is often on developing you from the inside out whilst mentoring might be from the outside in.
  • Coaches help you to draw a lot on your own resources, mentors generally will suggest them. Coaches listen, encourage, question, and help you to tap into your innate strengths; mentors will do that too although they may also direct, guide or advise based on their own experiences.
  • Coaches help you to explore, experiment, reflect and learn – often within the coaching relationship itself; mentors are more likely help you to do that in relation to your business strategy.

If you think that coaching sounds fluffy and easy – think again! Your coach will make you work really hard – they know that if you are to grow as a leader you must know how to think for yourself.   Read on here for 6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Coaching …………



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