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* Inspirational Induction

July 9, 2014 Linda Aspey No Comments

6 Coaching Principles for Inspirational Employee Induction I often work with clients who are transitioning into a new organisation. When I ask about their induction, for many it’s a blur – even if it was only a few days before: lots to take in, very little time to think, and widely varying quality of presentations. […]


Just One Thing

January 9, 2013 Linda Aspey No Comments

So it’s the New Year and a time for all those resolutions (or a time for lots of blogs about resolutions, telling us they’re either great or a waste of time!)  Personally I like the idea of setting oneself a challenge at any time, beginning, middle or end of the year. For me, the timing is arbitrary. […]


What will you make of your 2013?

January 2, 2013 Linda Aspey No Comments

It might seem like a good idea to start a new year with Resolutions – but we think it’s better to start with Reflection on what went well or not so well last year and a Reconnection with your values and purpose. Then you can set really meaningful goals that you can relate to, to make your 2013 a […]


What is The Thinking Environment?

January 28, 2012 Linda Aspey No Comments

The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. Yet when was the last time you really had time to think when you needed it, or before you acted or made decisions? Time to collect your thoughts, to let them flow, to move them around, to weigh them […]