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♦ Interesting People – a Podcast and Time to Think Learning Resource

February 26, 2017 Linda Aspey No Comments

 I was delighted when Philippa Willitts  the journalist, writer and podcaster thought me interesting enough to be invited to be in one of her “Interesting People Podcasts”! So here I am, talking with Phillipa about Thinking Environments, most particularly about listening, creativity, diversity, equality, meetings, culture and leadership. It’s about 40 minutes in total; you […]


♦ Iain McGilchrist in conversation on leaders and thinking

January 26, 2017 Linda Aspey No Comments

Realms of Attention Today’s leaders face so many challenges, including finding enough time for thinking, and staying attentive to and informed about the world outside of their own lives and organisations. The world is changing, the future likely to be a very different one from now, and many leaders want to engage in conversations with […]


♦ Coaching supervision – we don’t need experts, we need expertise

December 20, 2016 Linda Aspey No Comments

3 minute read. My first supervisor, when I was a trainee counsellor back in 1991, was a well known psychotherapist. Sitting on the huge leather sofa in his luxury Georgian home in leafy North London, I would dutifully recount my private client sessions. Often before I could finish a story he would tell me what […]


♦ NEWS – Webinars in a Virtual Thinking Environment®

November 4, 2015 Linda Aspey No Comments

It’s with a real sense of excitement that I’m letting you know about an initiative between me and my Time to Think Faculty colleague Ruth McCarthy and the Association for Coaching. On 20th November we’re launching the first of 3 webinars where we’ll be following on from the AC’s “Journey to Coaching Mastery” conference in […]


♦ BLOG – Intentional Leadership

September 12, 2015 Linda Aspey No Comments

    A 3 minute read Are leaders born or made?  In reality it’s both, with genetics giving some people a head start with qualities like extra charisma, determination, social intelligence or the ability to influence. It’s thought that around 30% of these and other talents that make a leader are innate, and 70% are gained […]


When Did ‘Hi’ Become ‘Hey’?

August 27, 2015 Linda Aspey No Comments

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Goal Setting – The Full Circle Model

August 21, 2015 Linda Aspey 2 Comments

Some coaches like to set goals with their clients at the very start of a coaching programme – personally I prefer to offer the client some quality thinking space, with minimal  interruption from me, so we can both see what emerges over time. Naturally this depends on what sort of coaching I’m doing; if it’s […]


Coaching or Mentoring? 6 Tips for Making Coaching Work for You

July 15, 2015 Linda Aspey No Comments

Here is my latest blog post, written on LinkedIn Pulse: So what is Coaching? Professional leadership or executive coaches help you to grow your self-knowledge, your strengths, your capacity to take on responsibility and your ability to manage change. And through those, you become stronger, more effective, more fulfilled, more aware of others, and more […]


Coaching Young Entrepreneurs

March 24, 2015 Linda Aspey No Comments

Calling Executive Coaches in London! Are you interested in donating 12 hours of your time over a year to coach some of the UK’s brightest entrepreneurs? I am now recruiting more coaches for the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, based in London, starting September 2016. NEF’s mission is to provide the UK’s leading entrepreneurial training programme to […]