AICTP Latest e-journal May 2013

May 19, 2013 Linda Aspey No Comments

AICTP – the Association of Integrative Coach-Therapist Professionals, was formed in March 2012 to promote and support integrative coach-therapy practice and practitioners.

As President I help to promote their work and assist / advise on a number of areas including strategic direction, ethics, professional standards and training.

I’m delighted to be involved as AICTP is at the cutting edge in this field. If you haven’t yet seen the e-journal, I’d urge you to have a look. Here is a sample of the latest AICTP Journal featuring an interview with Nancy Kline on Time to Think, coaching, therapy and integrative coach-therapy:

If you like what you read, and would like to receive a regular copy of the e-journal, you can join as an Associate Member by visiting


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