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When Did ‘Hi’ Become ‘Hey’?

August 27, 2015 Linda Aspey No Comments

In my world, ‘Hey’ attracts attention (‘Hey look at that’), expresses annoyance (‘Hey stop that!), shows surprise (‘Hey what’s going on here?’) or signals interest (‘Hey nice shoes!’). So how do you feel when someone you don’t know emails or messages you out of the blue with the greeting ‘Hey’? It annoys me. Why? Because […]


Goal Setting – The Full Circle Model

August 21, 2015 Linda Aspey 2 Comments

Some coaches like to set goals with their clients at the very start of a coaching programme – personally I prefer to offer the client some quality thinking space, with minimal  interruption from me, so we can both see what emerges over time. Naturally this depends on what sort of coaching I’m doing; if it’s […]