♦ BLOG – Aside from hard data, how do you know when your culture change efforts are working?

November 14, 2016 Linda Aspey No Comments

3 minute read (This article first appeared on Linked In, 13 November 2016)


When you spend time, effort and money on initiatives to change a culture for the better, it usually takes a while to get the data to prove it’s working. Traditional measures such as surveys, key performance indicators, financial metrics and so forth, are indeed useful. But they can be hard to obtain, complex to analyse, and quickly out of date. In fact, sometimes by the time you’ve got all the data, the questions you now need to ask are different than when you started out!

And if you’re a small organisation with limited resources or expertise to do this kind of data gathering, it probably won’t be high on your list of priorities.

If instead you go looking at how people are behaving together, you’ll soon see the early signs that your efforts are paying off. Talk to people and find out if they’re feeling valued and that they add value, because, according to research from Guardian Jobs  feeling valued is the most important aspect to being happy at work, scoring 60% alongside salary. And go looking for signs like this:

  • People are being encouraged to think for themselves and because of that, they want to do the same for others. So the old culture of “let me tell you how to do this” has become “what are your thoughts about how you could do this?”
  • You see people being respectful about others and their contribution, because people are willing to listen and wanting to collaborate more than they want to compete by having a better answer;
  • Diverse and divergent views are being welcomed because people don’t get silenced, ignored, dismissed or ridiculed. As a result there’s greater willingness to debate, challenge, speak up and suggest ways to make things better;

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